Monday, July 20, 2009

Movie: Terminator Salvation

I never got the whole Christian Bale hype. I don't get his Batvoice (that he uses in all his other movies, apparently), especially since from what I've seen in interviews, his voice is completely normal. Why he wants to sound like a chronic smoker is beyond me.

As far as Terminator goes, I've never seen T3. Apparently I haven't missed much. I did, however, watch and enjoy the first two several times as a kid (and I might have had a slight crush on Furlong!John Connor. What? I was like ten. Shut up.), so when a friend suggested we go see T4 this past weekend, I said sure. The only thing I knew about the movie before seeing it was the fact that Helena Bonham Carter was in it. Somehow, I thought she'd be a robot. Don't ask.

Salvation is... okay, I guess. I thought there was a bit too much action *dodges flying tomatoes* and well, John Connor seemed kinda useless. I just didn't care for him. At all. And why is he so important again? I mean, in Salvation, he's not the leader of the resistance. Apparently, people just think he's special because uh, someone from the future and Sarah Connor said so? And people are buying that? No wonder we're going extinct.

Anton Yelchin as Kyle Reese was a nice surprise. I love that kid and I was really looking forward to seeing Kyle in his own world. Except they stuffed him in a cage halfway through the movie and that was it. Star, as unnecessary as she was, was insanely cute.

You ask me, the real star of the movie was Marcus Wright. I don't remember seeing Sam Worthington in anything before, but he made an impression. That was a character they could actually do stuff with. So naturally, he had to die.

The ending of the movie just felt like a giant cop-out to me. Reading more about TS, it's clear why. When the Arnold!Terminator (nice touch) stabbed Connor, I was actually shocked. I thought it was kind of an awesome twist. Especially since, as I said, Connor was kind of useless in the whole thing anyway. But no. They had to go and kill the one with potential.

The internet tells me the original idea for Salvation had Marcus Wright and Kyle Reese as the lead characters. Connor only appeared in the last few minutes of the script. I could live with that. Actually, I would have probably liked that a lot more because those two I actually cared about. But then Bale decided he wanted to play Connor and, well, this happened. A lot of useless, pasted-on John Connor scenes and a lot less Yelchin and Worthington. Screw you and your Batvoice, Christian Bale.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Epic fail is epic

Our oh-so-wise-and-awesome (that be sarcasm) government has decided to name a street in the capitol after Josip Broz Tito. Because, you know, he's a historic personality. Like Stalin.
Wonder how Germany (or everyone, for that matter) would react if someone suggested they name a Berlin street after Hitler.

All hail socialist dictators! Idiots.

(I have more to rant about it, but I'm running late. Will post later.)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Movie: My Bloody Valentine 3D


I'm a huge horror fan, thanks to my Daddy who let me watch stuff like Friday 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street when I was a wee lass. Child's Play traumatized me for life. I hate that friggin' thing.

Anyway, as we both love to be scared shitless, there was absolutely no fucking way we wouldn't go see MBV3D as soon as possible. Uh, real-d horror? Blood everywhere? Jensen Ackles (that one's for me, Dad was all, who is that guy? because he's a heathen and doesn't watch SPN)? We were so in.

And it's good. Not OMG!scary, but then again, most classic slashers weren't, at least to me. And since this one's a remake (one of the many, many, many remakes coming out this year), I kind of expected that. Still, it was amusingly disgusting (the eyeball! And the pickaxe flying at me! So fun!) and we screamed quite a bit. Because that's what you do when there's pointy stuff flying at you.

I hadn't seen the original (but I might), so I have no idea if the final twist is new or not. Still, I liked it. I like how it wasn't the typical 'monster kills drunken teenagers' slasher, but most of the main cast were adults and the killer wasn't just another Jason/Myers type freak.

That was probably my favorite part of the film, the final reveal where we see Tom, who's obviously been traumatized by the events ten years ago to admit himself into an institution, take on Harry Warden's persona.
The scene in the mine where Tom's smashing the lights and each time one goes out he changes into Warden was nicely done. Also, the very last scene when Tom looks into the camera with the psycho eyes, I think that scared me more than most of the movie.

The cast was good, as well. Kerr Smith did the whole cheating on wife/jealous of wife's ex/angry sheriff thing convincingly, though I had some trouble separating Ackles' Tom from Dean Winchester. But he was good, actually a lot better than at least I'd expect from a lead in a slasher. Not meaning to offend anyone, but honestly, horror flicks don't usually give the best performances by actors. Still, he nailed it at the end and as Harry Warden, he was damn scary.

All in all, I'd say it's a nice fun horror flick to spend an evening with. A bit different than most (and I don't mean just the 3D), a bit heavy on the nakedness/gore (as most slashers are) and with some funny bits thrown in.

Favorite line: "Just shoot us both."

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Letters to people I don't know

Dear Team Canada/USA
and some others,
hockey is a beautiful game. It is in fact, the fastest team sport on the planet. What it is not, is a game of 'who hits hardest'. Body checking is optional and in some cases very welcome (except by the person being body checked, I would imagine), however, it is not mandatory. In most cases, as evidenced by your games, it is very unnecessary. Especially right before the period end, but then again, you're known for getting penalties at the worst possible moments (See last year's Canada vs. Russia finals. I almost felt sorry for Nash. Almost. But not quite.).
Also, you know that blue colored part of ice in front of the goal? It is not a place where you can stand and hit the puck into the goalie repeatedly in hopes of it crossing the line. You are NOT SUPPOSED to stand in there, ever!
Please to be learning the rules of the game,
No love,

Dear Sidney Crosby,
you're good. I give you that. However, you are not all that. Please, in the name of Mario Lemieux, get off your goddamn high horse and find a clue.
No love whatsoever,

Dear Russian players in Washington,
I get it, you got the World Cup last year, now it's time for the Stanley Cup. Still, I was hoping to see you in Switzerland. Now instead, I am forced to watch the NHL playoff which is really not my cup of tea, just so I can get my Ovie fix.
As I am a European chick, I'm sure you can understand the North American hockey isn't my favorite thing in the world. I'm sacrificing myself for you here! So you better win or we're gonna have a serious talk.
Conflicted love,

And I'm not a Caps fan! I have forsaken my darling Ducks (and Selanne, how I do miss you) for the sake of Mother Russia. Which was my father's plan since he gave his only daughter a russian name way back when. So really, I had no choice, did I?
Still conflicted,

Dear Eric Kripke, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and various other Supernatural-related people I don't really know,
you're gonna make me cry, aren't you?
This Friday, you're going to tear out, salt and burn my heart and reduce me into a sobbing pile of fangirl mess and give me so many issues there is no possible way I could survive the summer, won't you?
See, I know this, because this is the very thing you do to me every year since I started watching your goddamn show. And I should hate you for it. Really, I should.
Damn you, Kripke,

Bobby lives, right? Right?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Doing it wrong

So, in order to deal with the economic crisis, our government changed and equalized the retirement age for men and women to 65 years. Meaning, people who should retire say this year, will instead keep working, keep their jobs and young people will remain unemployed because there are very few jobs actually available in this country.
There will be less retired seniors and a lot more young, unemployed people who are actually capable of working. This is helping the economy how exactly?
This government sucks.

Oh, an our president wants to be like Obama and have a private jet and a presidential residence. Sure, the majority of your citizens are trying to survive with 500 Euros a month, why shouldn't you fly to neighbouring countries with a private jet that costs 90,000 €? Go ahead, afterall, you are a president of a tiny European country that has no actual power over the government*, you deserve to travel in style. Right?

*The man in charge is actually the prime minister, like in Great Britain, not the president.
Though the prime minister is the idiot who suggested the retirement age thing, so he's not exactly awesome either. Man, I'm glad I didn't vote for him.

We have reverted back to communism (apparently, Tito wasn't a dictator/mass murderer, but a national (and international) hero who did great things like many communist dictators. Right.) too, but that's for another post. I'm late for work.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

chicken taquitas ftw

I have a cold. A really bad one. Gah. Thank the gods I don't have to go to work until Thursday; I'd probably kill someone.

Went to a Mexican restaurant last night with BestFriendGirl, we had chicken taquitas, followed by coconut/strawberry pancakes* and they were awesome. So much love for that kind of food.
BFG and I love eating out. We've done Chinese (like a hundred times; I still think nothing would ever beat the sweet and sour chicken),
Japanese (sushi tastes a lot different than I imagined; doesn't really have a strong taste. Salmon is my favorite), a bunch of local restaurants (my favorite is the place where they make killer ravioli - oven-baked and covered in cheese)... I think the African's gonna be our next stop, though I have no clue what I'd eat there. They actually have cobra meat and stuff :S
I'm all for exotic food, but I don't want to eat a snake. We'll see.

*not the American-style thick pancakes, which I'd never had. Yet. These were ordinary thin pancakes you roll in a, uh, roll? My English fails me today.

Spent the morning reading LJ reports from the Salute to Supernatural Con in LA. Could those guys be any more adorable? Seriously.
This is the first (and so far) only show I completely fangirl. To the point that I want to spend a bunch of money and go to a con just so I could see them live. Except for the part where I don't have a bunch of money and all cons are on the other side of the world. So I fangirl from afar. Along with my mother. The woman went through three+ seasons of Show in a month after seeing the last few scenes of Lazarus Rising and is now completely caught up. And a DeanGirl. That's one family member down and one (the Dad, who thinks any scifi that doesn't have spaceships sucks, so he's probably lost to the cause) to go.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

By default, I am a lazy bitch

I should write, but I procrastinate. I do that a lot. The problem is, I can't focus on my writing. There's an idea, a story I would love to write (and read), but as soon as I write something, I get bored with it. With the beginning and the introduction and world-building... I just want to get to the good stuff already.
So I procrastinate. By watching Heroes S2 and Supernatural S4 (the latter being much better than the former) and joking around on Facebook. It's addictive, that thing.

The rain's not helping either. Instead of writing my book (or that fanfic I should have finished months ago), or reading The Clash of Kings (which I started like a month ago but then got distracted by On Beauty by Zadie Smith, which is awesome, by the way), or god-forbid, studying, I'm here. Writing a blog. Writing a blog when I have nothing to say.
I'm a lot less emo normally, I swear. Blame it on the rain.

I'd kill for some potato chips right now. Paprika flavored Crunchips. Yum.

They're gonna start airing Supernatural in my country this fall, so that's good. It's about time someone got a clue about the awesome that is Show. SamnDean on my TV! Yes!

I got like 3 hours of sleep last night... the moment I fell asleep, BestFriendGirl called to remind me we're changing over to summer time. And then, I got up one hour too early to catch the bus to work that never came, so I had to wake my dad up and beg him to give me a lift. He was not amused.

What I like about waitressing is that it's not a 9-5 job. This week, I'm only working today for three hours and then I'm free because I worked nonstop last week. What I don't like about waitressing is that I have an hour when the place is full and crazy and people are all ''gimme my drink now!'' and then, there's three hours when no one comes in.

Should start getting ready to go to work now. Not expecting a lot of people since it's raining like hell. Where's the sun, dammit?!